Me with N2679H at Oshkosh in 2001 (we received an award)

Picture of David at Oshkosh Airventure 2001
I bought N2679H in June 1990 at the urging of a friend who owned a tricked-out Mooney M20C. I had started learning to fly in 1986, earning my private license in 1987, and by 1990 I was fed up with renting. I was planning to buy a Cessna 150, since that is what I had learned to fly in, but my friend with the Mooney said I should "get an Ercoupe." I said "an Er-what?" He said an Ercoupe was way cooler than a Cessna. (Actually, he wanted an Ercoupe. Once I bought N2679H we spent the summer flying around in it and the winter in the Mooney.)

Anyway, we flew around New England looking at Ercoupes. It turned out there was a 'Coupe for sale right at my local airport, KLWM. The guy that owned it had bought it just a short time before, put in rudder pedals and a required transponder (because it was under the 30 mile KBOS veil) and planned to use it to learn to fly. He apparently had a bad experience because he kept muttering nasty things about Boston air traffic control (there is a lot of complicated airspace around Boston) and sold N2679H to me.

I have now owned N2679H for over twenty years. I have flown it as far west as Oshkosh (twice) and south to Washington, D.C. (pre-2001). Mostly I tootle around New England at 1500 feet AGL with the canopy open and my arm hanging out the window (the top goes down in April and up in November). The Astrocoupe and I visit Cape Cod, Nantucket, Rhode Island, New Hampshire, Vermont and Maine (I no longer have to boycott Maine now that they finally changed their airplane tax policy) almost every weekend seeking the perfect $100 hamburger.