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1949 Erco Ercoupe Brochure

Contributed by Kevin C. Adams

  • Front of folded brochure

    Front of folded brochure

  • Back of folded brochure

    Back of folded brochure

    Interestingly, shoulder harnesses were an option in the 1949 Ercoupe. It would be useful to see how they were fastened, since a previously certified installation should be retrofitable to any current 'Coupe without requiring full STC paperwork.

  • First fold when opening brochure

    First fold when opening brochure

  • Inside of brochure

    Inside of brochure

    The dark reverse printing above is at the bottom of the folded sheet. The edge of this sheet ends at the white background.

  • Close up of specifications

    Close up of specifications

  • Inside top of unfolded brochure

    Inside top of unfolded brochure

  • Inside bottom of unfolded brochure

    Inside bottom of unfolded brochure

  • Close up of specs from inside bottom

    Close up of specs from inside bottom

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This wonderful original Erco mail piece was given to me by Kevin C. Adams of Jacksonville, FL. He sent me email saying I am in possession of some 50 year old literature showing my mother and sister posing with a salesman on an Ercoupe and acting as if they are a family. My mother worked for a company in Maryland which purveyed the Ercoupe as a simple family vehicle everyone could afford and fly. These brochures are a glimpse into a naive and simpler time in America. The idea that all the returned veterans would clamor to snatch these airplanes up is a clue.

The 1949 Model ("G") added the child seat in the baggage compartment and this piece touted the ability of the Ercoupe to carry the "entire family" in airliner style. Kevin's mother and sister are featured in the passenger seat and the kiddie seat as part of the all American family who owns an Ercoupe. I asked Kevin if his mother ever flew in a 'Coupe - he responded Neither my mother or sister had ever been up in that plane, nor would they ever want to.....they're sissies! Spoken like a true brother.

The original mail piece is printed on both sides of a 17.5" x 12" sheet of paper in two colors (black and yellow on one side) and three colors (black, blue and yellow) on the other. It is folded in half (but not quite centered, the fold is about 8.5" from the top so that the bottom 0.5" is visible) and then in thirds. The front of the brochure is shown at left. The back of the folded piece was designed for the mailing address and is shown below. You received the brochure when you responded to the small ad Sanders had placed in April 1949 issue of Flying Magazine.