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Gallery of Contemporary Ercoupe Pictures

  • Don Walter's Club Air Coupe

    Don Walter's Club Air Coupe

  • N2523H owned by Kim Flora

    N2523H owned by Kim Flora

  • Don Taylor's Alon, N5603F

    Don Taylor's Alon, N5603F

    Don sent me this picture and commented: Thought I would send you a pic of my Alon. I am located at KGMU, that’s Greenville, SC. This is my second airplane. The first one was a Beechcraft Skipper 1980 model. Nice plane, very roomy, easy to fly but I wanted a Coupe. Sold the Skipper and found the Coupe through Barnstormer’s web site. Check out http://www.tripletreeflyin.com that is where the pictures were taken. Hundreds of pilots bring all sorts of planes here for about 4 days each year. Great fun.
    I have nice King radios and a panel mounted GPS, Apollo GX55.

  • Don Taylor's Alon

    Don Taylor's Alon

    Another picture of Don's pretty Alon.

  • Syd Cohen's Immaculate Ercoupe

    Syd Cohen's Immaculate Ercoupe

    Syd's 'Coupe Scampy is very close to what rolled out of the ERCO factory. To save money and weight, ERCO did not paint the planes, rather they left them polished aluminum (of course not as nicely polished as Syd's 'Coupe). Scampy has the original flat windscreen and small rear windows, as well as the original single fork front gear and strut fairing. Note also the fabric wings. (The original came with wooden props but the metal prop goes faster and is much easier to maintain.)

  • Scampy's Instrument Panel

    Scampy's Instrument Panel

    Although there are some additional instruments and radios, the color scheme and trim are identical to the original. The two glove compartments (with hidden, folded cardboard interiors) with trim to match the center panel are original to the 1946 Ercoupe. Scampy retains the original "Beware of Propeller" placard (just visible on the left side under the top part of the yoke).

  • Another Reason to Own a Coupe!

    Another Reason to Own a Coupe!

    This is my 'Coupe, N2679H, at Katama Airport on Martha's Vineyard. Katama is a grass strip next to South Beach. When you land, the FBO asks if you want to park by the restaurant or at the beach. This is us parked just across from the beach. (I'm not guaranteeing that if you get a 'Coupe you will pick up cute girls, but it couldn't hurt.)

  • N2679H landing at Minuteman Airfield in Stow, MA

    N2679H landing at Minuteman Airfield in Stow, MA

    This picture was taken in July, 2000 by Leo Hickey who owns an Ercoupe which was then based at Minuteman. He was working on his 'Coupe, which was located at the approach end of runway 03, as I was landing. (I was stopping for breakfast at the best airport cafe in Massachusetts, Nancy's Airfield cafe, which is located at 6B6). Luckily he had his camera with him and took a series of shots as I landed which I turned into this great animated GIF.

  • My Ercoupe with Daisy

    My Ercoupe with Daisy

    This is the Astrocoupe (my Ercoupe) with Daisy, the 1947 Chrysler that appears in the opening scene of the movie Driving Miss Daisy. Daisy drives this car into a hedge, which is the impetus for her hiring the driver that forms the context of the movie. The car still has a skidplate the moviemakers welded to the underside to protect it in the opening scene. My friend David Montgomery now owns Daisy and we took a series of pictures of Daisy with my 'Coupe.

  • My Ercoupe with Daisy

    My Ercoupe with Daisy

    Here is a picture of me with the Astrocoupe and Daisy.

  • My Ercoupe Parked on the Ice at Alton Bay

    My Ercoupe Parked on the Ice at Alton Bay

    In the summer Alton Bay (B19) is a seaplane base in the northeast corner of Lake Winnipesaukee, NH. Most winters, it freezes over enough to turn into an ice runway for land planes. I usually go up on presidents' weekend for the annual Alton Bay Winter Festival and fly-in. Landing isn't too difficult as long as you don't try to brake, but walking from the airplane to the land is deadly slippery.

  • Just Looks Old

    Just Looks Old

    This photo was taken in 2012 by Mehrdad Zarifkar at Green Castle Aero Club in Eastern Iowa. The Ercoupe is passing behind a 1939 Studebaker owned by Ben Wenberg. It only looks like the picture was taken decades ago because I cropped the modern car and TV antenna out of the picture. Thanks to Mehrdad Zarifkar (www.Studio-eM.me ) for permission to post this beautify image.

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